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Benzene and BTEX Exposure

Sources of Benzene and BTEX Exposure in New Jersey and New York

In part because New Jersey and New York are industrial states, both have a history of benzene use and contamination. Where benzene is an issue, exposure to BTEX compounds may also be an issue. BTEX is shorthand for several compounds, and stands for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes. These chemicals are some of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in petroleum derivatives. Benzene and BTEX can be found in many sources, ranging from gasoline and diesel fuel to tobacco smoke and more unusual substances. New York and New Jersey are densely populated states and it is not uncommon for people to live near gas stations and other industrial sources. As a result, many people who live in New Jersey and New York have unfortunately been exposed to benzene or BTEX and have become ill as a result of their benzene or BTEX exposure.

Exposure from Touching, Breathing or Swallowing Benzene or BTEX

Exposure can occur when someone touches, inhales, or ingests benzene or BTEX. Sometimes, when gasoline or other storage tanks leak, benzene or BTEX can contaminate drinking water sources. Indeed, groundwater and drinking water sources in New York and New Jersey have been found to be contaminated with benzene and BTEX. In fact, benzene and BTEX are major types of groundwater and drinking was contamination in the region. Sources can also release benzene through incinerators or other industrial processes. In those cases benzene or BTEX can become airborne and people can breathe it in, sometimes without even knowing it. When people come into contact with benzene or BTEX, there can be dermal (or skin) exposure.

Diseases, Cancers and other Illnesses Associated with Benzene and BTEX Exposure

When people are exposed to benzene or BTEX at certain levels, they may become ill and, in certain cases, may develop cancer or other life-threatening diseases. The environmental lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher can provide New York and New Jersey residents with legal representation as a result of benzene and BTEX exposure that has or may cause illness.

The possible health effects of benzene or BTEX exposure vary greatly and depend on the amount and duration of a person’s exposure, as well their personal circumstances. People who are exposure to benzene or BTEX may develop an abnormal heartbeat. Such abnormal heartbeats can be dangerous and may even result long-term health consequences or death. In addition, those exposed to benzene or BTEX may feel nauseous as a result of this exposure and may develop gastrointestinal symptoms. Other symptoms include blurry vision and unconsciousness in certain cases. Benzene or BTEX may also cause normal human cells to malfunction. This can result in a failure of bone marrow to produce enough blood cells, resulting in anemia. Long-term exposure to high-level benzene can result in leukemia, a cancer of blood-forming organs. These are just a few examples of possible illnesses and symptoms that may result from benzene or BTEX exposure.

If you or anyone you know develops these or any other symptoms from benzene or BTEX exposure, be sure to seek immediate medical attention to determine the appropriate course of action.

Environmental Lawyers for New Jersey and New York Residents and Workers Exposed to Benzene or BTEX

New York and New Jersey residents and workers who have been exposed to benzene or BTEX may require legal representation in order to ensure that their legal rights are protected. In these cases, it is particularly important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to make sure that critical evidence is preserved.

Benzene and BTEX contamination and exposure can be a terrible experience. The environmental lawyers at Lieberman & Blecher help clients to respond to this experience and seek redress where it is available. Our environmental lawyers and litigators have over a decade of experience with benzene and BTEX related litigation. The toxic exposure practice group at Lieberman & Blecher takes pride in helping those who have been exposed to various forms of benzene and BTEX contamination. Our record of success in toxic exposure cases, including those involving benzene and BTEX, speaks for itself. We aim to provide quality service to every client and achieve lasting results in every case.


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