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Factory and Workplace Exposure

New Jersey and New York have a history of industry that is important to our economy and provide thousands of jobs to our neighbors. Unfortunately, many facilities are operated in a manner that results in the release of dangerous chemical or hazardous substances into the air, ponds, lakes, streams, groundwater and local soils. When this happens, neighbors and workers are placed at risk and serious illness can develop.

The Toxic Injury Lawyers have a history of representing individuals and communities exposed to toxic substances. Sometimes, people are unknowingly exposed to toxic substances on the land they live ofactory-workplacer work on, in the air they breathe, or in the water that they drink or bathe in. When someone is exposed to toxic substances, they may become ill, or they may face an increased chance of becoming ill in the future. In addition, the presence of toxic substances on residential or commercial property could reduce the value of that property, leading to financial losses for the property owner. In these circumstances, our experienced team of toxic tort attorneys assist our clients in pursuing responsible parties in order to recover damages for their losses. Our toxic tort litigation team has experience with claims involving exposure to toxic mold, exposure to harmful vapors, and exposure to contaminated water, among others things.

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