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Local Family Served School Board with Notice of Intent to Sue

For Immediate Release

DATED: March 10, 2014

A Middle Township family has placed the Middle Township School Board on notice of its intent to commence legal action due to mold exposure. Stacy Adelizzi alleges that her children have become very ill as a result of a reoccurring mold problem in the school district’s elementary schools. She asserts that the district was aware of the problem and did very little about it, resulting in severe illness for her children.

Adelizzi has been trying to secure help from the school district for some time, but with little response. One of her children has been removed from the school for home schooling, and Adelizzi is in the process of removing her other child as well. They have both been hospitalized for mold exposure.

According to their lawyer Stuart Lieberman, of Princeton’s Lieberman & Blecher, “Schools are a place that we trust will be healthy and nurturing. Unfortunately, it appears the School Board missed the mark; and now I have some sick children as a direct result.”

For additional information, Stuart Lieberman can be contacted at 732-355-1311 (office).

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