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Potable Drinking Water Contamination

Since the founding of our firm, our toxic tort attorneys have been representing individuals and communities of people that have been exposed to toxic substances in their drinking water. Consuming dirty drinking water is known to make people sick and may increase their risk of developing cancer or other diseases. In fact, some substances frequently found in contaminated water, like benzene, are known human carcinogens. Oftentimes, people are unaware that toxic substances have made it into their water supply. Families and communities may drink or bathe in contaminated water for long periods of time before the government or members of the public realize what has happened.

People who learn that they have been drinking dirty water, toxic mold, or contaminated air often seek advice from our toxic tort attorneys. Our team have been successful in finding immediate solutions for our clients, including obtaining access to alternative water sources and securing repairs that address imminent threats. Meanwhile, we pursue long-term solutions to protect our clients rights and compensate them for their injuries, which often finds us in the court room opposite some of the largest corporations in the world. Our attorneys are experienced in pursuing personal injury, products liability, property damage, medical monitoring and other related claims against those responsible for releasing toxic substances onto our client’s land or into their air or water supplies.

Our cases take on many forms. We have represented individuals and families that have been exposed to toxic substances from isolated contamination events. Our attorneys have also represented entire communities of people that have been impacted as the result of widespread or regional environmental issues. The lawsuits we file can involve tens and even hundreds of people, depending on the extent and severity of the contamination at issue. Our experienced litigators also pursue class actions, where the affected plaintiffs can number in the thousands.

Regardless of whether a case involves one individual homeowner or one hundred of residents of an impacted community, our goal is to provide every client an exceptional level of service. At Lieberman & Blecher, our clients will always find a group of professionals who sensitive to their concerns and invested in remedying the harm they have suffered. Whether a client has been impacted by dirty drinking water, exposed to toxic mold, or threatened by the intrusion of harmful vapors into their indoor air, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to achieve results that will make our clients whole again.

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