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When it is a big company and their legal team against a small property owner, I have learned that you need an expert to protect your property and your rights.
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Toxic Injury Lawyers succeed in obtaining $8.2 million settlement against DuPont for contamination of Southern New Jersey water supply by PFOA, a chemical found in non-stick coatings.
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A Resource for Families and Communities Harmed by Toxic Chemicals

Without knowing it, people are exposed to toxic substances hidden in the ground beneath their homes and workplaces, in the air they breathe, or in the water that they use for drinking, cooking or bathing. When someone is exposed to toxic substances they may become ill, or they may face an increased chance of becoming ill in the future. The Toxic Injury Lawyers have a long history of fighting for people and communities exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances throughout New Jersey. We also work with a network of attorneys throughout the United States.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Toxic Exposure?

Exposure to hazardous substances can harm more than just your health. The presence of toxic substances on residential, commercial, and even light industrial land could reduce property values or lead to financial losses for the property owner. In these circumstances, our experienced team of Toxic Injury Lawyers assists property owners by fighting polluters to clean up contamination and recover monetary damages for our clients.

The families, communities, and property owners that our team has fought for over the years have described the Toxic Injury Lawyers as:

a team of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that advocate for clients whose lives, homes and businesses have been impacted by industrial pollutants, chemical discharges, and environmental damage. The Toxic Injury Lawyers give each case and every client the time and care that they deserve. Suffering an injury from exposure to toxic substances can be a great challenge in one’s life — The Toxic Injury Lawyers are up to that challenge. They fight for and achieve great results for their clients, helping to make their lives whole again.

Our toxic tort litigation team has decades of experience prosecuting claims involving exposure to contaminated water, polluted property, toxic mold, harmful vapors, and many dangerous chemicals and hazardous substances. If you, your family or your property have been affected by a hazardous substance, we invite you to contact one of our attorneys. Our clients never pay a legal fee unless we win, and our results speak for themselves.

You can also start by exploring our website and the many resources available here.

Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers About Your Exposure and Injury Concerns

If you have been harmed by the release of a hazardous substance, or if you fear that pollution in your community may be affecting your health or the value of your property, take action by recruiting a group of knowledgeable environmental lawyers who will fight for you. Our staff is courteous, our attorneys are responsive, and our results provide lasting relief to people in need. Call now: 732.355.1311 or submit your case inquiry here.