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New York & New Jersey Environmental Lawyers Fighting for People and Communities Exposed to Dangerous Chemical and Hazardous Substances

How Can a Toxic Injury Lawyer Help My Family?

The Toxic Injury Lawyers are a group of environmental attorneys with a long history of representing individuals and communities exposed to dangerous chemical and hazardous substances throughout New Jersey and neighboring states. Sometimes, people are unknowingly exposed to dangerous and toxic chemical on the land they live or work on, in the air they breathe, or in the water that they drink or bathe in. When someone is exposed to toxic substances, they may become ill, or they may face an increased chance of becoming ill in the future. The presence of toxic substances on residential or commercial property could reduce the value of that property, leading to financial losses for the property owner. People injured by a toxic exposure incident may also be burdened by a temporary or permanent damage to their quality of life. These are the circumstances that our knowledgeable environmental lawyers fight to correct. We fight to get you compensated and help to rebuild your life after a toxic exposure event.

Toxic Exposure at Home: Chemical Injuries Do Not Just Happen in the Workplace.

The Toxic Injury Lawyers Can Recover Monetary and other Damages for Your Exposure

Unfortunately, toxic chemicals can find their way into our homes, harming our health when we least expect it. We are not talking about the ordinary household products that sit beneath your kitchen sink, but rather the dangerous pollution that is released by a nearby industrial source that has seeped into the earth and found a route into your home. A few examples include:

  • Contaminated Water.  Drinking water can be contaminated by environmental releases in the area of a home’s potable drinking water well or in the area of a community-wide drinking water supply. Contaminated water may pose health risks to individuals who consume, bathe in, or breathe vapors from contaminated water. Exposure to contaminated water is known to make people sick and may increase their risk of developing cancer or other diseases.
  • Air Pollution (Vapor Intrusion). Contamination in the soil or underground waterways beneath a property can seep upward through the soil in the form of a gas and enter the inside of a home or business through small cracks in a building foundation. Without knowing it, families can be inhaling dangerous chemicals discharged by a nearby factory or a gasoline chemical fumes from a gas station with rupturing tanks or piping systems.
  • Polluted Land. Hazardous chemicals can be released by a nearby gas station, factory or industrial facility and wind up on your property. Owners of contaminated property may be less able to sell or lease the properties. Pollution in your backyard can also force you to alter your life. You might stop working in your garden for fear of harm from touching contaminated soil. You might stop growing your own vegetables, swimming in your pool, or hosting guests.

Industrial Sources of Pollution that May Cause Harmful Toxic Exposure

The Toxic Injury Lawyers Fight Polluters and Cover Monetary and other Damages to Help You Put Your Life Back Together After a Harmful Toxic Exposure Incident

Industrialization poses risks that, if not properly protected against, can lead to environmental harm and possible negative health effects. Manufacturing operations that discharge dirty and untreated waste water into streams and water bodies may cause water pollution that harms people and the environment. Sloppy industrial practices can lead to spills of hazardous substances that contaminate land and water. When factories, power plants, gas stations, oil depots, dry cleaners and other business with environmentally-sensitive activities do not observe the best practices, communities and people can be harmed. The following are few examples of industrial sources of pollution that our environmental lawyers have found against.

  • Gas Stations Leaks. Gasoline and automobile service stations store petrochemicals that can be toxic when released into the environment. When storage tanks holding petrochemicals are damaged or leak, they can release harmful substances like benzene, BTEX and MTBE, that cause water pollution and may destroy drinking water wells.
  • Dry Cleaning Facilities. Distributors or dry cleaning chemicals and even your neighborhood dry cleaner can be a significant source of water pollution. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process are chlorinated solvents that cause environmental damage even when reduced in small amounts. These chemicals are known to have harmful effects on the human body.
  • Leaking Storage Tanks. Storage tanks can be buried beneath the ground (USTs) or kept above ground (ASTs) in standalone settings or in tank fields. Tanks can degrade, become damaged or compromised, leaking their toxic contents into the ground or directly into nearby water sources. When these contaminants reach groundwater, they can migrate and harm drinking water sources.
  • Hazardous Chemical Spills. Even the most careful industries have accidents. Pipelines leak, equipment malfunctions and employees make mistakes. Accidental releases of hazardous substances can have grave consequences. For example, one drop of some toxic chemicals can destroy an entire swimming pool worth of water. Where toxic chemicals are purposefully released, environmental laws exist to hold polluters accountable.
  • Water Pollution. The destruction of water resources can occur directly or indirectly. A direct discharge pipe from a factory’s wastewater or process water into a nearby stream is one example. Toxic chemicals spilled onto the ground can also migrate downward, through soil and contaminate groundwater that discharges into larger water bodies or drawn up by public and write drinking water wells.

Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers to Recover Monetary and Other Damages for Exposure to Dangerous Chemical Productions in New York & New Jersey

Has the release of a hazardous substance or a pollutant in the air, water, or soil, made you ill? Are you concerned about the discovery of toxic chemical contamination on your property, in your water supply, or in your community? If so, you may need legal assistance from environmental lawyers with experience fighting for victims of toxic exposure. The Toxic Injury Lawyers can help ensure the protection and safety of your loved ones and property. Call us toll free at 732-355-1311 or submit your case inquiry here.

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