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Polluted Land Can Pose Risks to Property Owners, Residents and Visitors

The Toxic Injury Lawyers frequently represent clients who are concerned about the impact that toxic substances or environmental pollutants may have on their property. Residential and commercial landowners alike know that maintaining their properties can be costly and stressful in itself, and these problems can only grow when a landowner discovers that their property has been contaminated.  Landowners are often worried about how to protect their families, residents, tenants, and visitors, as well as their investment. Our attorneys consult regularly with clients about how to keep people safe from contamination and maintain their property values when contamination is discovered on their property.

Protecting Unsuspecting Property Owners from Migrating Pollution

Residential and commercial property owners are often surprised when they learn that their property has been impacted by a toxic substance, pollutant, or chemical – especially when they are not located in industrial areas. However, when toxic substances and pollutants are released into the environment, they can travel significant distances (or “migrate”) and impact unsuspecting individuals, businesses, and communities.  Oftentimes, property owners are unaware that their property has been impacted by a toxic substance, pollutant, or chemical until the impact has become significant, requiring costly environmental investigations and remediation.

This is where the Toxic Injury Lawyers do some of their best work. Our team of toxic tort litigators is skilled at pursuing responsible parties, forcing them to clean up their environmental contamination and to reimburse our clients for the damages that they have caused.  We obtain significant results through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (including mediation and arbitration), and by pursuing lawsuits through the state and federal courts for property damage.

Property Damage is a Toxic Injury

Our clients include both homeowners and business owners who are concerned about maintaining the value of their property and ensuring a clean environment for their families, visitors and employees.  The Toxic Injury Lawyers excel in helping our clients meet these goals by pursuing those responsible for environmental impacts and by making sure that our clients are fully compensated for the damages imposed upon them. Those damages do not just include the cost of returning your property to its pre-pollution condition. When hazardous substances are discharged on your property, you may be forced to alter your life. You might feel compelled to stop growing your vegetable garden, swimming in your pool, or allowing guests in certain areas. These changes to your quality of life may be compensable. The Toxic Injury Lawyers believe that no polluter has the right store its contamination on your property. We force those responsible to undertake cleanups, return our clients’ property to a pristine condition, and compensate our clients’ for their losses.

Protect Your Property Investments by Calling on the Battle-Tested Toxic Injury Lawyers who Will Fight for You, Your Family, Home, or Business.

The Toxic Injury Lawyers are a team of experienced and responsive environmental lawyers who care about providing victims of toxic exposure with the legal help they need. If your property has been polluted, or if you are concerned for the safety of your family and community due to the potential release of a pollutant or other harmful toxins, call the Toxic Injury Lawyers at 732.355.1311 or submit your confidential case inquiry here.