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Your Family, Your Community, Our Priority

When we represent clients in toxic exposure claims, our initial efforts are aimed at obtaining interim relief for our clients. For communities whose water source has been destroyed, this may mean obtaining an alternative interim water source or facilitating remediation of the contaminated source. This can involve interfacing with regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, or the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. These government agencies often have the power to enforce laws against polluters or responsible parties and our attorneys have effectively engaged the government on behalf of our clients. Your health and the community’s health should always be the first priority.

How to Get the Toxic Injury Lawyers On Your Side

When you first contact the Toxic Injury  Lawyers, one of our professionals will guide you through the intake process and review the factual background of your claims. The areas that we will include may cover:

  • The nature of your neighborhood: residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed use
  • The type of industrial facilities that are in or near your community
  • How you have been exposed to toxic materials
  • The type of toxic materials that you have been exposed to
  • The extent of your exposure: how long your body has come into contact with a hazardous substance
  • Your medical history; what have your physicians said, and what are their concerns
  • The source of your water: potable well water, municipal water, water company
  • Your line of work, whether you have ever dealt with chemicals, or worked in a “sick building”

Once our team understands some of the specifics of your concerns, you may be scheduled for a consultation with one of our leading attorneys in the field of toxic tort litigation.  If a consultation is scheduled, they will explain how the law of toxic torts could be used to help you. They will provide you with advice about the path that your potential case could take, what you can expect from a lawsuit, and discuss results they have obtained in similar cases. Of course, every case is different, and no results can ever be guaranteed. We will help you understand the risks and benefits of litigation and the role you will play in guiding your case.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire the Toxic Injury Lawyers? Nothing.

If we determine that our firm is able to represent you, there are typically no fees to retain our attorneys to pursue a toxic injury case.  Our Toxic Injury Lawyers provided legal counsel to clients impacted by hazardous substances on what we call a “contingency fee” basis. That means that our attorneys do not get compensated unless they recover damages for our clients. Our clients are victims of toxic exposure, and they often lack the resources necessary to fight the biggest corporations in the world — who spare no expense to defeat toxic injury claims. We understand our clients’ needs, and when we take on a case we do so because we believe in our clients’ causes and are prepared to invest the costs of litigation on their behalf. When we are successful for our clients, the Toxic Injury Lawyers are paid out of the recovery they help obtain. This sometimes comes in the form of a judgment after a trial or arbitration proceeding, or from an out-of-court pre-trial private settlement or mediation. The amount of a legal fee is often set by law and where it’s not, we negotiate fee arrangements with our clients that put their needs first.

Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers About Your Exposure and Injury Concerns

If you have suffered injury or financial damage as a result of the release of a hazardous substance, or if you fear that pollution in your community may be affecting your health or the value of your property, take action today and contact our team of environmental lawyers who will fight for you and your family. Our staff is courteous and responsive, our attorneys are knowledgeable and highly-trained, and our results provide lasting relief to people in need. Call now: 732-355-1311 or submit your case inquiry here.

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What clients are saying about us
  • "I highly recommend this law firm because they were responsive and sensitive to my needs and won. I chose this firm after having talked to 6 other firms because within minutes of contacting them I was able to speak to Mr. Lieberman himself. Mr. Lieberman and the junior attorneys did not make me feel small just because I am an individual, a mother, and not a big corporation. My phone calls & emails were returned promptly. They listened to exactly what I wanted & delivered. The defendant was nasty and ignored us and at times I felt like this was going nowhere. The attorneys worked well to reach a settlement that exceeded my expectations. Mr. Lieberman is a very seasoned lawyer who has compassion for his clients. The best thing about Mr. Lieberman is that he trains his staff to have that same level of compassion and respect for clients. " - Z.B., Jersey City, NJ

  • "I would like to personally thank Lieberman & Blecher for their help and advice to my family in dealing with an environmental cleanup issue. When it is a big company and their legal team against a small property owner, I have learned that you need an expert to protect your property and your rights. The team at Lieberman & Blecher did this for my family in a professional and cost effective manner. I would certainly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal assistance" - C.K., Woodbridge, NJ

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