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Contaminated Indoor Air

Air. It’s all around us. Our bodies—our lives—depend on it. We breathe it every day, but we cannot see it. Just as we cannot see the air, we usually cannot see air pollution. Often, we cannot smell or even taste air contamination. Invisible to the human senses, particulate matter in the air can cause our environment and our bodies harm. The air pollution that you may see from a smoke stack coming from a factory or industrial establishment is not the only air contamination that might affect you. What may be of even greater concern is the air contamination that you cannot inside a building—the air pollution that collects inside our homes, offices, and workplaces. This type of air pollution is often referred to as “vapor intrusion” or “VI” and it can be very dangerous to human health.

Vapor Intrusion Into Indoor Air Can Cause Toxic Injury

Vapor intrusion refers to the process by which contamination in the soil or underground waterways beneath a property can seep upward through the earth and enter the inside of a home or business.  Contaminants that seep upward usually do so in a gas phase (fumes) that rise toward the surface and can enter buildings through cracks or openings in foundations or slabs.  These vapors then mix with the indoor air and may have an adverse impact on those people that occupy or visit the affected building.  Vapor intrusion can result from the improper disposal or release of toxic chemicals, including such things as gasoline, oil, solvents, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Exposure to toxic substances in contaminated indoor air can cause illness or lead to an increased risk of illness, including some cancers.

Our team of toxic tort attorneys have assisted clients exposed to contaminated indoor as a result of vapor intrusion. We have represented individuals believed to have contracted serious illnesses as a result of their exposure, and have successfully pursued lawsuits on their behalf to recover compensation for their injuries.

Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers About Your Air Pollution and Vapor Intrusion Concerns

Has your indoor air been polluted? Has a nearby industrial facility or toxic chemical release caused vapor intrusion into your home? Protect yourself by recruiting a group of knowledgeable environmental lawyers who will fight for you. Our staff is helpful and swift; our attorneys are caring and zealous; and our results speak for themselves. Call the Toxic Injury Lawyers at 732.355.1311 or submit your case inquiry here