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Water Pollution

Industrial Facilities Could Cause Water Pollution that May Harm People and Property in New Jersey

Various Forms of Water Pollution Could Affect Your Health or Property

Water pollution takes many forms. An manufacturing operation, power plant, or other industrial facility may discharge its process or waste water directly in a nearby stream or water body. These discharges must meet a certain standard of cleanliness in order to be legal. However, whether intentionally or by accident, these discharges can contain illegal levels of toxic chemicals or hazardous substances harmful to your health and the environment. Spills of hazardous substances can also be a source of water pollution. Even if these spills are not directed into a water body, spills of toxic chemicals can penetrate and contaminate the soil. Once hazardous substances are in the soil, they can migrate downward and contaminate groundwater.

Sources and Types of Water Pollution in New Jersey

There can be many types and sources of water pollution. They can impact your community, your property, or your drinking water in different ways. Some examples of water pollution include:

  • Toxic substances: chemical pollutants that are not naturally occurring can harm water sources and aquatic ecosystems. These can include pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, chlorinated solvents (ex: TCE or PCE), and industrial compounds like benzene and other VOCs.
  • Naturally occurring substances: even substances that are not man-made can be harmful. For example, naturally occurring sources of metals or radioactive materials can be present in water sources such as reservoirs or public water wells. Even though they are not man-made chemicals, these substances can still be harmful and a water purveyor must reduce the presence of harmful natural materials and work to attain an acceptable level of cleanliness.

Results of Water Pollution

When hazardous substances or dangerous levels of naturally occurring substances are allowed to remain in our waterways or sources of drinking water, serious harm can result. When chemicals are spilled directly onto the ground, toxins can penetrate the surface of the ground and impact the soil at a very deep level. The contamination can then leach from the soil into the groundwater. Groundwater is always flowing beneath us. When a substance penetrates the groundwater, it can travel great distances and impact sources of drinking water, including reservoirs, public wells, and private wells.

Concerned About Water Pollution? Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers.

If you have suffered harm from water pollution, or if you fear that the contamination of a water body or drinking water source might affect your health in the future, you should know your legal rights and ask a lawyer to help you evaluate your options. Take action now and call the Toxic Injury Lawyers. Every day, our environmental lawyers fight for people and communities that have been harmed by water pollution. Let our years of experience be your guide. Call now: 732-355-1311 or submit your case inquiry here.

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