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Contaminated Water

NY Water Contamination Attorneys Representing Clients In NJ With A Contaminated Water Supply

Water Contamination is Extensive in New Jersey

Residents of New Jersey get their drinking water from two principal sources—it either comes from a reservoir or from underground wells. Drinking water quality varies significantly depending on where you live and what your source of drinking water is. Drinking water supplies can be contaminated directly by environmental releases in the area of the drinking water supply sources. Drinking water supplies can also be contaminated indirectly, for example; by dirty stormwater runoff, industrial wastewater runoff, agricultural runoff, or migration of contaminated groundwater, among other ways.

Many drinking water supplies in New Jersey have been contaminated with chemicals such as petroleum, gasoline, oil, MTBE, benzene, lead, TCE, PCE, phenols, various volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemicals. Exposure to these and other toxic substances, at high enough levels and for long enough durations, may pose health risks to individuals who consume, bathe in, or breathe vapors from contaminated water. Exposure to contaminated water is known to make people sick and may increase their risk of developing cancer or other diseases. Some substances frequently found in contaminated water, like benzene, are known human carcinogens. Oftentimes, people are unaware that toxic substances have made it into their water supply. Families and communities may drink or bathe in contaminated water for long periods of time before the government or members of the public realize what has happened.

Human Exposure to Contaminated Water May Cause Adverse Health Affects

Exposure to contaminated drinking water may result in a variety of illnesses to those exposed, including serious neurological impairment or cancer. The health problems that could be triggered by exposure to dirty drinking water often depend on the chemicals or toxic substances that have contaminated the water. Exposure to petroleum, gasoline, oil, MTBE, benzene, lead, TCE, PCE, phenols, pesticides, bacteria, various volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemicals may have different effects depending on the nature and extent of the exposure. Exposure to these and other toxic substances, at high enough levels and for long enough durations, may pose health risks to individuals who consume, bathe in, or breathe vapors from contaminated water. These problems can range from intestinal disorders and respiratory ailments all the way to neurological disorders and some cancers.

Protect Yourself from Contaminated Drinking Water

Because water is such a vital resource to health and everyday functioning, drinking water contamination requires immediate action. As soon as contaminated drinking water is identified, alternative water supplies must be tapped, or steps must be taken to clean the existing contaminated supply. People and communities who believe that they have been or are being exposed to contaminated drinking water often choose to rely on bottled water for drinking until such time as their water supply has been cleaned or replaced. While resorting to bottled water will not solve the entirety of the problem, it could be an important first step to protecting the health of those exposed.

The Toxic Injury Lawyers have represented many individuals and communities that have been exposed to contaminated drinking water. Our environmental lawyers have litigated these cases for over a decade, and have substantial knowledge of the environmental, scientific, and legal issues involved in bringing a successful contaminated drinking water lawsuit. If you have concerns about dirty drinking water, we can help.

Exposed to Contaminated Water? Contact the Toxic Injury Lawyers.

If you have suffered injury from water contamination, or if you fear that water contamination may be affecting your health now (or even in the future), take action today. Contact our team of environmental lawyers who will fight for you, your family and community. Our staff is courteous and responsive, our attorneys are highly-trained advocates, and our results provide lasting relief to people in need. Call now: 732-355-1311 or submit your case inquiry here.

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